Factors To Consider When In Need Of Custom Mirrors

Did you know mirrors advanced from reflective pools and polished metal surfaces to the clear glass available today? They have wide application in the bathroom, houses, and automobiles.  The fitting of these custom cut mirrors can be tricky at times. Therefore, there is need to get custom cut mirrors to meet the desired end result. East Idaho Glass provides quality glass mirrors that come in handy for those in need of custom mirrors. Below are the benefits of doing business with East Idaho Glass.

A wide range of selection is ideal when it comes to choosing custom mirrors. East Idaho Glass offer several custom mirror options that will come in handy with your needs, whether you require shower enclosures, windshields, cabin, gyms and dance studio mirrors.

Customer needs are always paramount with East Idaho Glass. Fitting mirrors can be hectic if the sizes do not match. However, with our classic tools, it is possible to have the desired mirror size. We will get the measurement, and customize a mirror to fit.


Residential and Commercial Mirrors in Rexburg

Nothing is as refreshing as a change. At East Idaho Glass, we have a team of experts that come up with astounding designs. We will help you select the coating material to use depending on required durability, reflectivity, and the intended purpose.

Our products are offered at customer-friendly cost. Whereas custom is believed to be expensive, that is not the case if the purchase is made from reputable dealers. In the long run, it will be cost-effective with impressive results as clients' taste is incorporated in the customization. The client will be involved in the process ensuring that the charges are worthwhile and affordable. He or she can request a quote before purchase by filling a short form.

Having a frame can add elegance and simplicity to the mirror. East Idaho Glass will help in selecting the best frames to fit your residential homes and bathrooms. The frame is picked depending on the overall outlook to ensure it accentuates the surrounding area.

Apart from the sale of mirrors, East Idaho Glass offers after sale and installation services. We also do repairs and replacement of flawed windows. The possibilities are endless when working with East Idaho Glass. Being a local provider in Rexburg Idaho, we are just a call away.

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